We believe every person deserves a home of their own.

Artlantica Fight Against Homelessness Scholarship worth $1000.00

One of the worst and least-addressed epidemics in America is homelessness. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, more than half a million people in our country sleep on the streets or in a shelter every night. Any number of circumstances may cause an individual or family to lose their home, whether it’s financial difficulty (especially during the most recent recession), physical or mental disability, escaping abuse or others. And once a person becomes homeless, it can be difficult or impossible to recover.

For the youth of America, running away from home can seem like the only solution to get away from abuse, neglect or family conflict. While youth homelessness is often a short-term issue, with those affected finding refuge with friends or other family, it can become semi-permanent.

At Artlantica, we believe every person deserves a home of their own. While we cannot single-handedly eradicate homelessness, our goal is to assist those who are or have been homeless find a way to go to college to better their own future. We also want to reward those who have worked closely with the homeless by providing financial aid for college.

Deadline: December 31st


In order to qualify for the Artlantica Fight Against Homelessness Scholarship, you must:

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