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Farmhouse Plans

For most of us, what comes to mind when we see or hear the term "farmhouse" used is simply "a residence in a rural setting". In many ways this may be true but the development and maturity of the style is much more complex. The basic style has European roots as the continent is covered by agricultural regions and was brought westward by colonization. The farmhouse style was widely accepted as it provided convenience as well as shelter to a farming family. By living in a close proximity to one's work made for efficient and productive days on a farm. The American farmhouse style is a result of a combination of architectural styles such as Colonial, Greek Revival, Victorian and Cape Cod to name a few. This stems from the far reaching farm industry not being centrally located and certain regions having a predominant style. The farmhouse style is defined by mostly clapboard sided structures with steep roofs, wide porches, dormers and classic symmetry of doors and windows. Early examples were simple structures with additions as families expanded and modern conveniences were available.

541 Farmhouse Plans