How to use reclaimed wood in your home design

Using reclaimed wood in your home design can add character, warmth and texture to any space. This trend has quickly gained traction in house plans across the country, and has become a popular and easy statement piece that any homeowner can pull off. Something that’s great about using reclaimed wood is that it compliments neutral spaces by bringing rich tones to an otherwise bare palette. The raw beauty of it balances a plain room and can add a focal point to an open floor plan needing some structure. But don’t worry, the best part about it is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, since no two pieces are ever the same, the imperfections are what make it a beautiful addition to a home.

Do you like this idea and are wondering where to start? Look no further than your local hardware store. If you’re wanting to use it for rooms that will require a smoother finish such as focal wall in a nursery or flooring throughout the house, buying new wood planks and staining them to achieve the reclaimed look is a great option. However, if you’re wanting original and raw wood you can find it from shipping pallets, boats, sheds, mills, barns or even leftover wood from your own construction. This option will instantly give your home authentic character, but be careful of used nails and rough texture that can come with it. If you’re looking for ideas on how and where to use this unique feature, here are a few examples from Frank Betz house plans to help boost your inspiration. 

This first example taken from the Ansley Cottage house plan shows the master bedroom with an entire wall overlaid with reclaimed wood. Although the type of wood doesn’t necessarily make a difference with construction, popular choices with appearance in mind tend to be pine, elm, oak and beech (like the one pictured above). These homeowners chose to keep the original texture and coloring of the wood, which really gives the room its rustic character. Typically, a cool color palette and clean white walls are recommended as pairing best with reclaimed wood. This room followed that suggestion perfectly by keeping the ceiling a smooth, stark white and painting the walls a cool heather grey. This allows for the accent wall to be the main focus of the space and add warmth without becoming overwhelming.


Artlantica, Ansley Cottage


This second example is taken from the same beautiful Ansley Cottage house plan. For the floors, the homeowners decided to take an alternate route by choosing reclaimed antique tobacco pine wood. This type of wood is typically taken from old tobacco drying barns and combines rich shades of red, brown and honey. What’s special about it is that it features original sound knots, watermarks and nail holes giving whatever space it is added to an overall rustic country house plan feel. Because the reclaimed wood floors flow throughout the downstairs of this particular home, the homeowners were careful again to choose a cool color palette and clean, classic furnishings as to not overpower the space. This style choice is important because the naturally weathered look of the pine wood adds its own warmth and charm.

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